Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Make it good

When we our in a relationship, we need to be sensitive to be gentle with our partner… to minimize things that we don’t want to be happen always। And being a fool is not really good act in between partners.

Making some decision weather how big or small it is should really need more considerate with the situation and the feelings of each other। Just put your feet on the shoes of your partner to let you understand the most part of his or her side.

Think twice every time you are doing something that is unusual or not normal with your everyday life with your partner। Or maybe you just need to do things that are in favor with you and your partner.

The most important here is LOVE, don’t gamble with your heart if you don’t really know what your heart really wanted much. And trust your partner and of course be honest to him or her and most of all is you should really honest to your self. These could make you trust your partner and trust your self.


Friday, October 9, 2009

Critics can make you learn and grow old.

Critics can make you learn and grow older for some goodreasons. As human we have to grow and that is one of the best thing that could make us grow and mature.